Helping Americans fix America

Rank the Vote is empowering people state by state to transform politics through better elections with ranked choice voting.

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We make it easy as 1-2-3 to build a statewide movement for RCV.

Rank the Vote is a non-partisan, 501c3 non-profit organization formed to empower people across America to rapidly build grassroots movements for ranked choice voting in their own states, creating the preconditions for successful ballot or legislative campaigns.

Rank the Vote was founded by veteran activists who ignited movements for RCV. We've succeeded despite starting with no staff and no money. Our methods are simple and time-tested: organize and educate regular voters so they can spread the word and take effective actions to achieve this common sense improvement to our elections.

To do this we offer these valuable resources: 

  1. A proven playbook of strategies, tactics, and priorities to ensure success
  2. Coaching and consultation
  3. Pathways to funding

Experience has shown that this basic assistance we provide can enable a small but dedicated group to rapidly grow into a powerful statewide wave of change demanding to Rank the Vote.